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HelloTV: Aspiring to become interactive TV for Millennials
8 October, 2015

PK Online is a provider of digital media solutions, with core offerings in digital advertising and content distribution focussed for the Indian market. PK has developed a one stop destination for all your entertainment needs providing LiveTV streaming as well as large library of videos ranging from news, viral, movies, music, comedy and Bollywood etc. HelloTV updates the video library everyday with fresh and trending videos to deliver daily dose of entertainment to its loyal set of users.
HelloTV was launched with the intent of making entertainment accessible to Indians browsing the internet on Mobile. Its vision is to provide curated, wholesome and relevant content to the Indian audience. It has over 100 live TV channels, 1000 blockbuster movies and over 10000 entertaining videos across popular languages and multiple genres.  With over 1 million Android App installs, it has a significant active user base. To make sure that its users always get the best library of entertainment, PK Online works with over 150 content partners -broadcasters, movie studios and digital video partners alike.    
To increase audience participation, HelloTV has enabled its user to contribute videos by simply sharing their clips on 8822288222 through WhatsApp.  This option was promoted through HelloTV videos and social media. HelloTV team has received a very encouraging and overwhelming response with over 1 Lakh users contributing to around 3 lakh videos till date! The editorial team of HelloTV thoroughly surfs through the submitted videos and curates them based on quality and relevance.  To acknowledge users’ contribution, HelloTV has created a separate section on the portal called “Viewer’s Choice” where all the user submitted videos are showcased.
In addition to the above, HelloTV has many digital content producers who reach out to them to showcase their content.  In the near future, HelloTV will soon be creating specific sections to publish professional contributions and help producers distribute and monetize their content.  Roadmap includes multi-lingual support for 7 plus native Indian languages. Unlimited entertainment is what HelloTV strives for and hence there are no limitations on users’ browsing and accessing of content. Although most of the content on HelloTV is absolutely free, one can also subscribe to the premium content at a very affordable price.
Commenting on this development, Cauvery Adiga, COO, PK Online said,” In the age where digital audience is keen to participate and voice their opinions, HelloTV strives to become the destination of choice. We want to cater to diverse content needs of Indian audience and also avoid clutter.  We are the only video destination which caters to service both the needs of a typical user during the day- daily curated videos, as well as a more leisurely LiveTV experience anytime during the day.  
With cheaper smart phones and higher data penetration, HelloTV aspires to become the preferred destination for the emerging digital audience in India.